MK Carpenter- Data set

So, I found this really cool dataset about names. it includes all sorts of cool data divided into all sorts of subcategories of data. For example, you can see the to 1000 surnames in the United States, how many people have those surnames, what their nationality is, etc. (There are 127,073 Carpenters in the U.S.) You can also see things like the top 1000 female first names. (2.629% of women are named Mary.)

This started bring a lot of questions to mind:

  1. Why do these names occur so often? For first names, what era were they popular in? Did a celebrity inspire these names?
  2. Is it possible to predict the next “popular” child’s name? In my generation, there are a lot of Marys, Sarahs, Ashleys, Matts, Wills, etc. What name will be popular in the next generation’s classroom?
  3. What Nationality are these names typically associated with? Is there a surprising name associated with a nationality that it is not typlically thought of as related to?

Here is the link: