Assignment for Tuesday 8/30

1) Read these Lost Stories stories:

2) Choose 2-3 of these stories, and in the comments, leave some thoughts on what you think works and what questions you have about the stories — the focus, approach, the voice, etc. Think about our conversation about the fire-behind-football-game story.

3) Look over the Birmingham News photos in Dropbox. (Captions are in a Word doc at the bottom of the page.) Come to class Tuesday with your top three. In the meantime, if you feel strongly about one (or more) of these, email me and let me know why.

4) Look over the schedule for the Lost Stories project and let me know if you have any questions about the deadlines. We will talk to Elizabeth at AMG next week about the engagement/distribution plan.

4 thoughts on “Assignment for Tuesday 8/30”

  1. -Rolling Stones story
    I thought the picture was adorable and the story was a fun read, but I wish it had of the reporter’s voice. Did the reporter go with the Q&A format since the interview was email? The amount of information and detail they were able to get was impressive. He seemed really open with them.

    -14-year-old Hijacker story
    This one was probably my favorite. It is not that often that 14-year-olds hijack a plane to go to Cuba. I would have liked a little more about why he was hijacking the plane and going wanted to go to Cuba. Foster Jordan voice served the story very well. I thought he was able to give vivid details about John Morgan Mathews Jr. and his wife. I also liked how the reporters handled why Marilyn Jordan was not in the story. With Alzheimer’s being a touchy subject, they did a beautiful job.

    -The Grateful Dead story
    The reporter did a good job of keeping the story interesting for someone who isn’t a Grateful Dead fan. I thought Danielle Miles’ quotes about the whole process of going to the concert were great. The detail about Danielle Miles hiding the tickets in a frame was probably my favorite detail. If possible, I think a quote from Bridget Gann or a family member that could have discussed the eventual approval of the concert would have been nice.

  2. 1. How The Birmingham News busted teen’s Grateful Dead secret at 1995 show
    – This is a very lovely story. Writer told the story through what Danielle said. She focused on Danielle’s Psychological changes, what Danielle’s thoughts before went to concert, how she faced to her parents, when she was in concert, and after concert. Writer wrote lots of details, that’s great. Why her parents wanted she to keep it as secret? In personal, I don’t think she went to concert had any negative influences.

    2. Vintage photos of 14-year-old hijacker recall unexpected turn
    – I do love this one. I’m so glad to see that writers wrote this story through what Jordan’s husband, Foster recalled. Due to Jordan’s healthy issue, it was the best way that didn’t put Jordan in the story. I hope this story could tell more about why John hijacked the airplane and why he chose Cuba. Everything happens with different reasons. The title of this story is 14-year-old hijacker recall unexpected turn, so I wish I could read more about John’s story rather than how Jordan was helpful.

  3. -1931 killing story
    I love the voice in this story. The author used amazing, dynamic quotes that carried the story with voice, dialect, and emotion. Baggett, Jr. was such a dynamic source and I feel for every emotion he mentioned. The reporter did a great job of handling a variety of serious events and emotions, including death and suicide.

    -Mom at a concert story
    I love Kinsey’s Q&A format for this story. In my opinion, Q&A is the most pleasing and effective format for music journalism. You get straight to the first person, engaging narrative of the cute story. I love this piece!

  4. -Rolling Stones Story-
    I enjoyed this story. It was interesting to hear a rock star talk about a side of someone with his profession that we don’t normally think about. Learning about his close relationship with his mother and the fact that he was there for his family throughout all the travel was interesting.

    -Grateful Dead Story-
    I enjoyed this story because it gives an example of one of the many stories that come about during events like this. Everyone can write a story covering the concert or event, but to find out about unique things that happened because of these events is something that I find much more interesting than just a boring story covering the concert.

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