Lost Stories distribution plan

Notes from Elizabeth Hoekenga on Lost Stories distribution plan

Focus on the headline. It can make or break your story. We will have headline-brainstorming session after the stories are turned in. To write an effective headline, you need to think about your audience and the platform where you think you’ll find that audience. And think of keywords that people might be searching for. Be enticing but avoid clickbait. (People won’t want to share stories that underdeliver.) Is your story an answer to a question people might be asking.
Deliverable: Think of different headlines for different platforms — Google, Facebook, Twitter — and pitch 3-5 for each.

Think of audiences for your story. Who can you find to share your story? An organization? A celebrity advocate? Another influencer with a large social media following? The communications person at an advocacy organization? Where can you find a large audience? Ask your sources to share on their social media networks. Play to nostalgia. (The “I remember this. Do you remember this?” tendency.)
Deliverable: Who are potential partners to share? What’s the approach for each one? Name 5-7 people/orgs to approach to share, identify the right contact and contact info for each.

Figure out a social media plan. How can AL.com’s social media channels get the story out? Why would your story work on a particular social media channel? What can you make to promote the story? (Elizabeth will send examples of ways they’ve promoted certain stories.)
Deliverable: Which platform? Here’s photo I would use. Here’s caption.