Assignment for 10/13

1) Find three public Facebook groups to monitor on Election Day. In the comments section of this post, publish the name of the group, the URL and a brief summary of why it may be fruitful to monitor the group on Election Day.

2) Watch this short First Draft video on Twitter lists. (To search Twitter lists, type*/lists/[your search terms] into Google browser bar.

3) Find two Twitter lists to subscribe to and follow on Election Day. Add them as columns on Tweetdeck. (We’ll look at Tweetdeck on Thursday.)

4) Start your own public or private Twitter list of people to follow on Election Day. (Public lists are visible to everyone and send notification to people you add. Private lists are visible only to you.) Add at least 50 people to the list.

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  1. Central Alabama Citizen Crime and Politics

    This group is for anyone in Central Alabama to post about community happenings, specifically neighborhood watch and election-related content. If any members have issues at the polls, this seems like somewhere they’d vent about it.

    Alabama District 7 Political Action Network

    This is a group for District 7, the only predominately black district in Alabama. Given Alabama’s history and recent changes to the Voting Rights Act, we’ll probably see some activity in this area.

    Alabama’s Political Leaders Need a Wake Up Call

    As the name indicates, frequent posters in this group are frustrated with current leadership in Alabama. Hopefully that means they’ll turn out to the polls and call out any nonsense at polling stations. There are several posts about changes to Driver’s License offices, which play a role in ballot access.

  2. 1. I find multiple public Facebook groups. I still am looking into seeing which ones are stronger, but for now here is a list of the best ones I’ve found so far:
    • Alabama District 7 Political Action Network:
    • Alabama Stonewall Democrats:
    • DeKalb County Alabama Democrats: (for a specific area, it has a ton of members):
    • Dothan Alabama Democrats:
    • IAmAnAlabamaDemocrat:
    • Alabama Federation of Republican Women: (huge group, 700+):
    • Madison County, Alabama Conservative Republicans:
    • Alabama Republican Assembly: (110 members):
    • Alabama Deplorables for Trump & Against Elite Republicans not for Trump (has a decent amount of people [70] and also sounds like a very controversial group):
    • Northwest Alabama Republican Assembly:

    3. I had a lot of trouble finding good Twitter lists. I used the Google search terms, searched in Twitter’s platform, and also used follerwonk. The only 2 decent ones I found were:
    • Alabama Politics (strongest one I found)(3,961 members, 61 subscribers):
    • Political Reporters:

    4. I created a private Twitter list of Alabama politicians and also some big political reporters in the state. There are 57 in there right now. My thought is these politicians will be heavily involved in retweeting, replying, and creating original content on election day. I made sure to get a mix of locations within the state, as well as a mix of political party affiliation. (I am not sure you will be able to see this group from the link, since it’s private).

  3. 1. Southern Poverty Law Center Interest Group
    This group has already posted about racial inequality in voting, and will be a watchdog on election day, especially in the states we cover.
    2. League of Women Voters of Mississippi
    This group encourages civic engagement among women, a minority group, in a state where voting fallacies are rampant. They will serve as a hyperlocal watchdog and can provide contacts for interviews or clarifications.
    3. Southern Center for Black Independent Voters
    This group also covers a niche minority that can be a source for contacts and local watchdogs. This group is also bipartisan and will give a platform for election day debate amongst members.

  4. Facebook groups:
    Election 2016:
    This group is very diverse and very active so there will be lots of thorough discussion taking place.

    Presidential Election 2016:
    There are supporters of both sides very active in this group.

    UA College Democrats:
    Many people are saying millennials will decide this election, especially politically active college students.

  5. Alabama for Bernie Sanders –
    This group has a lot of people participating in it who are invested in the democratic process, and like to talk about it. If any of them run into trouble at the voting booth, they’d probably discuss it here. They certainly did during the primaries.
    Save our RSA Retirement –
    This group is a political action group dedicated to thwarting public attempts to remove pensions in Alabama. They’re all very angry, and many intend on voting against particular politicians in November. If they sense any nonsense, I’d expect them to come here to talk about it.
    Alabama for Trump & Pence –
    This group is a collection of the sort of conservatives we could see being a large amount of the Alabama electorate. This particular group seems to have relatively few posters, but I believe that people who are more invested in this election will be the types to complain on social media readily.

  6. 1) I thought I remembered we are going to monitor Oklahoma, so if that’s wrong then I apologize as I tried to find groups in that state.
    Oklahoma Independent Voters group:
    There are 396 members in the group who are relatively vocal and active. I think this could be a place to monitor if there are any issues in Oklahoma.
    Concerned Voters for Oklahoma District 2 Republican Party
    There are 334 members who are vocal and seem to complain a lot if something isn’t going well.
    Changing Oklahoma politics:
    This group is a non-partisan group with 265 members dedicated to holding elected officials accountable, so they may help monitor the election procedures.

  7. Voting In 2016 – It Is Critical
    This one may be helpful because they appear to post regularly and I think they would most likely do the same thing on election day. They may post about their experience.

    This one may be helpful because it seems like it could be venting location for members on election day.

    Politics 2016
    People seem to post in this group frequently so it may be active on election day.

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