Anna Van Der Like- Story Ideas

The first dataset I found most interesting was one from Reddit. Especially after coming to college, caffeine intake has become a huge topic of discussion.  This dataset shows the amount of caffeine (in mg) in each type of drink. A story idea that I would be interested in writing about would be to compare the amount of caffeine in coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks, and shots. As well as comparing the nutritional value of each within the categories. If I could get more information, I would also like to add in which is most effective in the mornings versus at night. The dataset I used is:

The second dataset I found interesting was a dataset about datasets. I thought it would be interesting to do a story about how they gather all of their data and maybe discuss how you can use such a large amount of data and how it can benefit any readers. I might even be able to link to sources that used the data to give examples of how it can be used. I looked at:

The third dataset I found was a public health dataset. Especially with the Zika virus, or Ebola before that, health concerns are always on everyone’s mind. It would be interesting to write a story comparing times when there was no serious health concern with times when there might have been some sensationalism happening in regards to the health risk. Using a dataset that shows international health statuses could provide an interesting story covering overall health of citizens, mortality rate, life expectancy rate, and anything else you can think of. The dataset I used was: