Deven Feldstein HW for 2/2

Threadbase gathers information and statistics about clothing and different brands. One specific dataset that I found interesting was on how no two brands have the same sizing and so for example if you purchase and small from Topshop it will be different sizing and fit different than an small from Abercrombie.

Story Ideas:

1) Why are the sizes so different? Shouldn’t/isn’t  there a standardization for sizing. Interview people uncovering the problems with this. And does it really bother people when they have to buy a size that they really aren’t.

2) An article just uncovering the truth and pointing out that for example a J.Crew medium t shirt is like an XL t shirt from Zara in terms of sizing. That is crazy to me. I know  I wouldn’t want to buy an XL t shirt if I was really a medium. I’m not sure that people really realize the differences in this. I never really thought about it like this until I came across this data set. I think it would help people know where to shop and what stores fit them in the best way.

3) What is this like for women? This dataset was more geared towards mens clothing but I know there are the same discrepancies between sizing in women’s clothing. It would be helpful and interesting to uncover sizing issues for women as well, so they know what stores make sizing that will fit them the best.