Paige Burleson

I have always loved to travel, so I found a data set about Airbnb, which is a company that allows people to rent places to stay from local hosts all over the world. This particular data set is about Airbnb in NYC. It is an overview of how many hosts are in each borough of NYC, the variety of costs, how popular the Airbnb home is, etc. The links are listed below:

Data on the Airbnb Community in NYC

Story ideas:

  1. What is the borough with the most Airbnb hosts and why? It could have interactive videos of the most popular Airbnb homes in that area. It could also have statistics about the area: crime rates, restaurants/coffee shops, schools/universities, museums, etc.
  2. What is the most popular weekends out of the year to book with Airbnb in NYC? Does it correspond with holidays? How does weather effect Airbnb travelers? It would be cool to get real accounts from people that have rented from Airbnb on busy weekends in the city and to share their experience along with the data.
  3. What kind of people usually rent out their homes to Airbnb? What sort of income do they have? Do they have more than one home? How much of the profit do they make? In-depth interviews with these people would be helpful.